Golden Age

There is no better time than the present to plan for your retirement. No individual wants to be financially dependent. By the time you retire, cost of living would have increased substantially, making even the most basic commodities costlier.
Golden age plan is specially designed to help you continue with your existing lifestyle even after you retire. It is a long term investment and protection plan where you can earn maximum return on your savings by investing them in your choice of investment mix.

Salient Features

  • A savings plan where upon completion of policy term, you will be paid the accumulated account value to help you maintain your desired lifestyle during your retirement years.
  • A protection plan where, God forbid, if you die before the completion of the elected term, a lump sum benefit will be paid to your designated beneficiary(ies)
  • If you die or get disabled in an accident, an additional lump sum equal to 10 times of your basic annual premium will be paid to you
  • Flexible premium payment option for the customers subject to the minimum acceptable premium limit prescribed
  • Gives the option to deposit additional funds to your regular plan at any policy anniversary, called the Account Value Acceleration Premium (AVAP)
  • Premiums are invested according to four distinct strategies as chosen by the customer: Conservative ,Balanced, Aggressive, and Shari’ah Compliant
  • The plan offers generous loyalty bonuses starting from fifth policy anniversary and payable every five years thereafter
  • Additional optional benefits are available to enhance coverage
  • Multiple modes of premium payment available: annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly
  • On completion of policy term, monthly pensions are paid a guaranteed minimum period of 20 years and thereafter for your life time
  • In the event of the untimely death during payout your loved ones will continue to receive the monthly pensions
  • The account value can be withdrawn partially after the policy has been enforced for at least five full years
  • Complete surrender option available subject to surrender charge during first two policy years.

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