Dr .Mufti Ismatullah – Shari’ah Advisor

Dr. Mufti Ismatullah did his PhD from Karachi University and his Takhassus (specialization) in IslamicFiqh and Fatawa from Jamia Dar-ul-UloomKarach. He has extensive experience teaching various courses there. He has worked for over fifteen years in the Fatwa department (DarulIfta) at Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi.

Besides being the Shari’ah Advisor at IGI Life – Window Takaful Operations he also serves as Shari’ah Advisor at Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited and Pak-Qatar General Takaful Limited, as the Chairman Shari’ah Advisory Board at Bank Al Habib’s Islamic Banking Division ,as a Shari’ah Advisor of Habib Asset Management Fund (Islamic Fund) &member of Shari’ah Board for Askari Islamic Banking.

Mufti Ismatullah is also involved in research in the fields of Islamic financespecifically Takaful He has delivered presentations and lectures on the topics of Islamic Philosophy, Islamic banking, finance and Takaful at different organizations all over Pakistan.

Zurr e Atta Hussain – Head of Window Takaful Operations
Zurr-e-Atta Hussain joined IGI Life Insurance Limited in November 2019 as the Head of Takaful to steer the Window Takaful Operations segment of the company. His career spans over 35 years with experience in life Insurance and family takaful. Previously he held the positions of Deputy Business Head at Jubilee Family Takaful. He has also served at ALICO Pakistan, Metlife and IGI Life earlier on as the Regional Head Central for a period of 13 years. He has vast experience in sales management within the Pakistan Insurance Industry.

Mr. Zurr-e-Atta Hussain has attended a number of professional trainings within Pakistan and abroad. He has also attended Shariah certification courses, conducted by Jamia Darul Uloom, Karachi, on the subject of Islamic Banking and Takaful.

Mufti Muhammad Hanif – Shari’ah Compliance Officer
Mufti Muhammad Hanif completed hisShahadat Al-Aalmiyyah (Master’s degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic) and Al-TakhassusFilIfta (specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence) inJamia Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi.He has good experience teaching various courses in Quran, Hadith & Islamic fiqh. He has worked for over five years in the Fatwa department.

He has special interest in the promotion of Islamic Finance particularly in the facilitation of conversion of conventional setups into Shari’ah-based organizations.